Thursday, 3 April 2014

12 week body transformation website

I am going to start a website on the program that I am running here. The blog is still going to run, but I feel that the information needs to be formatted in an ergonomic way. The fat loss experiment is showing the expected results and I have pretty much now stopped the walking as my only exercise.

The new website address is below. In many ways I regret using the title “12 week body transformation”. However that is exactly what my body is doing.

The website is not up and running at the moment. But it won’t be long.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

12 week body transformation -Week 6

Week 6
As you can see the rate of fat loss has continued, and at the time of writing I am about 11% body fat. I have not felt any kind of tiredness, but if high intensity exercise were to be undertaken one would assume to feel the effects of this.

The total weight loss at this time appears to be all body fat! No exercise has taken place and I am vey much looking forward to week eight when my body fat may be in the single digits.
One thing that I will say is that, because I am not putting any forcible effort into this, the whole process is a 
 bit boring. However one must not complain.

Body Transformation

The real question on my mind is. How far will the machine let me go until the body clocks on to what I am doing? No sign of any slowing down yet.

I would say around another 4 pounds of body fat to lose until I can start to see my abdominal muscles.

Week 6 stats

Weight : 168 lbs

Body fat : 17.1 lbs ( loss of 1.8 lbs)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Body Transformation Week 4

I started this program with a whopping 32 lbs of body fat. That’s quite a lot for me as I have a small frame!

The big question I have is this. Is it working?

Answer yes it is!

I love science, and I will only work with science fact. That’s why I have devised this program. But the way I have decided to call this program ……..The Machine.

I’m not due to weigh myself until Tuesday the 18 March 2014. But I estimate now a 10 pound body fat loss in five weeks. This is amazing! I should be around the 20 -21 pounds of body fat, but I wont really know until Tuesday.

Now I have to tell you that I am not doing cardio as such. In fact I am not doing much at all. Every other day I go out for an evening walk. And on non walking days I use some weights that I have in the garage. I will only three sets of one exercise and one exercise per night .Eg three sets of dumbbell curls and that is it. It can actually be done in five minutes. I am totally at the mercy of science here.

Note: At the end of week five I do seem to be holding water as predicted. This seems to be sea saw defence that the body brings in, however it does seem to spoil the effect and I am still pinching quite a bit of fat on the stomach. (but I do have 20 lbs on a small frame and it is mainly around the mid-section).

Verdict for week five: I do fee like I should be doing more in terms of cardio and weights. But I can’t fall into the trap of doing this. Results can’t come quick enough and I must stop looking in the mirror at myself. It’s driving me mad. I have lost no lean body mass at all

This is very easy. Especially if you don’t really enjoy exercise. And I don’t.

Body transformation

12 week body transformation

12 week body transformationThese are my week 1/5 comparison photos. No calorie deficit, no exercise

Body tranformation week 1

Body tranformation week 5
These are my week 1/5 comparison photos. No calorie deficit, no exercise

Interesting eh!

Weight 170 lbs

Body fat 18.9 lbs

Lean body weight 151.1 lbs

Total loss of body fat over 5 weeks 7.1 lbs

No loss of lean body mass

Sunday, 23 March 2014

It would appear that there is no relationship between fitness and fat loss!

It would appear that there is no relationship between fitness and fat loss. Something else to get my head around!

I have come up with this program based on science. The body must know that it is allowed to burn body fat on alternate days, and on those days that it does not burn fat it will be given carbs to a sufficient level. This level needs to be calculated and will be different for everyone.

It’s down to you how much cardio you do. Mine is just a quick 2 mile walk every other day. This does not make me tired and I just listen to my Ipod.(remember you must not get tired). If it is raining then I have an exercise bike, where I do about 20 min or until I get bored. “I hate exercise”.

If this does keep working, I just wonder how low I can get my body fat level down to. What is strange and so counter intuitive, is that I am not really doing any training to get my body fat level down. We are always taught that hard work gets results. But not in this case!

The other thing that is imperative.

Do not try to burn body fat to quickly. Your body may panic and block the fat burning process. That’s why it is important not get tired or exhausted.

This is too easy surlely.

Week 3 photos

Fat Loss

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Week 1/ 2 results and comparison photos

Week 1 & Week 2 Comparison

Weight: 12.2

Fat Loss: 1 lbs

Lean Body Mass: 144.3 lbs

Body fat remaining: 25 lbs

Calorie consumption 1800 – 2000 per Kcal day

General Observations & notes

Fat loss seems to have occurred starting from the hips. The caliper measurements have only changed on the stomach area. Visible fat loss can be seen on this area. Food is plentiful with absolutely no feeling of tiredness. All exercise has ceased. (With the exception of five minutes of resistance training every other day.)

Results: 1 lbs loss

Lean body mass loss 0.85 lbs ( possibly water, or though on the fence with this result at present).

Week1/2 comparison

Week 1

Week 2

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Body transformation Week 2

Week 2

OK! Something is definitely happening here. There is something to this science thing after all. Working in harmony with the body seems to be the way to go. According to science the moment my body fells fatigued, it will try to hold fat instead of burning it. This means that there is a specific window to burn body fat and a level of tiredness that I must not hit. Believe it or not this means that I will have to do less work over a longer period of time.

If this works I will be able to continue to reduce my body fat percentage over a period of time, and may be continuously. My body fat was at 15 % when I started. It is now down to 14 % and I have only been having a walk  ever other day for about 20 minutes. This is very counter intuitive, as we are told in every other subject “the more you put in the better the results will be”.

Well it is working! But it is only the beginning of week two. I have lost a solid pound of body fat and not weight which is a burn of around 3500 calories. I am eating well and my belt is looser than usual. A great sign that it is working!

I must stress that this program takes about 4 weeks for your body to adapt and get used to the idea that it is Ok to start burning fat freely. In theory I should start burning body fat faster at around week 6. It is so important that you do not try to burn the fat to quickly. Your body will put back its defences immediately and fat burning is off the menu.

On the flip side of all this I must say that this is easy. And if it really does work. This will be the holy grail of fat loss for everyone.

Stay tuned.

Here are my week 2 photos

Body transformation week 2

Body transformation week 2

Body transformation week 2

Body transformation week 2

Body transformation week 2

Body transformation week 2
 fat loss

Video Inroduction- Fat loss experiment

Hi hare is a quick video of the fat loss experiment...............Enjoy

Fat loss

Monday, 17 March 2014

Week 1 Fat Loss Photos

These are my week one photos. Goodness me I am a fat sod. It is important to say here that the previous two weeks I have not drank any alcohol, just so I don’t get any false readings.

Weight: pounds 175

Lean Body Weight: 148.1

Body Fat: 26 pounds (WOW)

Height 5’ 8”

I am totally in the hands here of science. It has never let me down yet. The purpose of this experiment is to establish whether there is a relationship between body fat and cardiovascular exercise or fitness. (Something I hate with a passion).

Body transformation week 1

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Week one here goes- fat loss city

Week one!

OK about to embark on my first week. The diet plan that I am following is very counter intuitive. It is my own plan purely created by science. I have had to understand that fat loss has nothing to do with fitness and that the body will decide whether to burn fat or not. The body is its own machine and no matter what I may want to do it may not want to play ball. So I guess that I will have to make friends with it, perhaps for the first time in 43 years……………….. What a weird concept!

If science is correct I will be able to use body fat for fuel without disturbing anything else. All I will have to do is a bit of cardio every other day and weights on non cardio days.

I wont go into the diet plan as of yet. But I am going to stick to it. I have however given up alcohol completely. This is the hardest thing for me in the program.

My weight at the start is lean body mass 145 pounds and carrying 26 pounds of body fat. I am expecting a fairly steady reduction in fat but it will be just fat. And strangely it should start off slow and then speed up. This is the opposite of most diets where the weight loss comes quickly ant the beginning and then slows down.

It is important to remember here that loosing one pound of body fat will have a dramatic visual impact. Where loosing one pound of weight will have no impact on my appearance at all!

Let’s see if science is correct.

Fat loss

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Fat Loss for the over 40's

Getting into shape at 43! Is it a big deal as it may seem?

I am in a point in my life where I need to get my self respect back. During my twenty's I was in great shape and thus I felt great too. Now in my forty’s I have piled on the pounds. At the time of writing I am carrying around thirty-two pound of body fat which works out at around 18%.

There are so many fad diets at there that do seem to work. But I am a smart guy and I feel that science is the key…………… So let’s give science a chance to prove itself.

I have done a lot of research over the past two years and come up with what I think works full time. And will work for everyone.

Lets do it.

fat Loss