Thursday, 3 April 2014

12 week body transformation website

I am going to start a website on the program that I am running here. The blog is still going to run, but I feel that the information needs to be formatted in an ergonomic way. The fat loss experiment is showing the expected results and I have pretty much now stopped the walking as my only exercise.

The new website address is below. In many ways I regret using the title “12 week body transformation”. However that is exactly what my body is doing.

The website is not up and running at the moment. But it won’t be long.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

12 week body transformation -Week 6

Week 6
As you can see the rate of fat loss has continued, and at the time of writing I am about 11% body fat. I have not felt any kind of tiredness, but if high intensity exercise were to be undertaken one would assume to feel the effects of this.

The total weight loss at this time appears to be all body fat! No exercise has taken place and I am vey much looking forward to week eight when my body fat may be in the single digits.
One thing that I will say is that, because I am not putting any forcible effort into this, the whole process is a 
 bit boring. However one must not complain.

Body Transformation

The real question on my mind is. How far will the machine let me go until the body clocks on to what I am doing? No sign of any slowing down yet.

I would say around another 4 pounds of body fat to lose until I can start to see my abdominal muscles.

Week 6 stats

Weight : 168 lbs

Body fat : 17.1 lbs ( loss of 1.8 lbs)