Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Body Transformation Week 4

I started this program with a whopping 32 lbs of body fat. That’s quite a lot for me as I have a small frame!

The big question I have is this. Is it working?

Answer yes it is!

I love science, and I will only work with science fact. That’s why I have devised this program. But the way I have decided to call this program ……..The Machine.

I’m not due to weigh myself until Tuesday the 18 March 2014. But I estimate now a 10 pound body fat loss in five weeks. This is amazing! I should be around the 20 -21 pounds of body fat, but I wont really know until Tuesday.

Now I have to tell you that I am not doing cardio as such. In fact I am not doing much at all. Every other day I go out for an evening walk. And on non walking days I use some weights that I have in the garage. I will only three sets of one exercise and one exercise per night .Eg three sets of dumbbell curls and that is it. It can actually be done in five minutes. I am totally at the mercy of science here.

Note: At the end of week five I do seem to be holding water as predicted. This seems to be sea saw defence that the body brings in, however it does seem to spoil the effect and I am still pinching quite a bit of fat on the stomach. (but I do have 20 lbs on a small frame and it is mainly around the mid-section).

Verdict for week five: I do fee like I should be doing more in terms of cardio and weights. But I can’t fall into the trap of doing this. Results can’t come quick enough and I must stop looking in the mirror at myself. It’s driving me mad. I have lost no lean body mass at all

This is very easy. Especially if you don’t really enjoy exercise. And I don’t.

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